About Our Company


Hania  Luxury Cashmere

HANIA New York is a luxury knitwear collection founded by Anya Cole in 2012 and knit by hand by craftswomen in New York City, infusing contemporary style into a centuries-old tradition. Dedicated to unparalleled quality, craftsmanship, and sustainability, HANIA collections are created using Scottish and Italian cashmeres from the finest mills in the world. Each one-of-a-kind knitwear garment is designed to be timeless and versatile, giving the wearer ease of movement and confidence in an uncompromising style, while also remaining adaptable enough to go wherever their life may take them.


HANIA’s commitment to producing locally has gained the brand a “Made in New York” Mark of Distinction. At the core of the brand’s mission is a focus on empowering women, across the five boroughs to ply a trade that they love and to celebrate the continuation of traditional crafts in the heart of the pulsating city. Each collection is crafted by a network of local female knitters that Hania has found from across the five boroughs of New York City, enabling them to utilize and enhance the skills they have honed over the course of their lives. As a reminder of the one-of-a-kind nature of every HANIA piece, each knitter leaves a signature sewn into an interior, hidden seam of the garments she knits.


HANIA launched with a single knitter and has quickly fostered this community across the whole of New York City. The brand works with each individual to enhance their skills that they are working at the highest levels of craftsmanship.  This dedication to sustainability and female empowerment translates into a fair price for the crafting of all pieces to the brand’s makers, which can be earned on a schedule that benefits them and their families.


Taking inspiration from the founder’s background as a classically trained ballet dancer, HANIA collections celebrate ease of movement, creativity and individuality. The brand prides itself on the product and the team that this unique, artistic alchemy has brought together. HANIA is committed to producing pieces that last a lifetime, creating heirloom hand-knit garments intended to avoid the landfill – starting with impeccable mastery of technique and continuing with the brand’s commitment to render repairs during the lifetime of a garment. Additionally, and unique for luxury cashmere – all HANIA hand knit pieces can be machine washed and dried.


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About Anya

Hania  Luxury Cashmere  Knitwear Fashion by Anya Colle

Anya Cole spent much of her down time in between ballet performances knitting garments she could only imagine. “If you need it, you make it,” her mother had taught her, and it was only natural that eventually the designer would establish her own brand, featuring imaginative, one-of-a-kind pieces she was unable to find anywhere else on the market.

Born in Poland, Anya pursued the creative arts from a young age, beginning with classical training in ballet, ultimately allowing her to perform with the Metropolitan Opera in Poland. In addition to dance, her inspired mind propelled her to take up knitting in order to produce the garments that her mother so keenly suggest she make for herself. Anya’s passion for knitting has continued throughout her life, and was brought with her to New York City when she moved in the late 1980’s after years spent in West Germany, where she knitted to support herself and her young daughter.

Upon launching HANIA, Anya made hand knitting the heart of the brand, staying true to her background and indulging her personal passion. Today, HANIA garments are all hand knit by a community of women across New York City.

Anya continues to bring a dancer’s sensibility to all her creations under the HANIA mark, ensuring that a natural ease of movement and an elegant drape are central to all designs. The brand frequently explores collaboration with the ballet community, and has worked on various projects ranging from short films to photo shoots with world-renowned ballet dancers like former ABT (American Ballet Theater) principal dancers Lisa Reinhart and Julie Kent, one of America’s most celebrated ballet dancers and current Artistic Director of the Washington Ballet.

Anya’s strong commitment to an authentic and uncompromised luxury, her sense of sharing with genuine generosity and her attachment to the talented ladies who help realize her unique, artistic expression are at the heart of HANIA New York.


About Our Muse

Julie Kent Hania Luxury Knitwear Brand Ambassador

From her career as a world renowned Principal Dancer with the American Ballet Theatre to her current role as Artistic Director of the Washington Ballet, Julie Kent has always represented the woman for whom Anya designs: individual, authentic, and confident in her own sense of style. 

Since first working with Hania on the Spring '13 Collection, the shared link in Anya and Julie's personal histories and experiences as dancers made Julie's role as model, muse and brand ambassador an even more meaningful collaboration.