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The KYRG Collection

Ethically sourced cashmere from Kyrgyzstan

The HANIA New York KYRG Collection is hand knit in NYC from a completely undyed cashmere that is ethically sourced from shepherds living on small family farms along the ancient Silk Road of Kyrgyzstan. 

HANIA New York has made community and tradition a cornerstone of its company philosophy, and in May 2016 we took the opportunity to travel to this remote part of the world and personally meet some of the wonderful people who manage their goatherds there. We are especially happy to know that for the first time they are able to sell their product at a fair market value and see profit put back into the care of their herds and their villages. 

To be able to personalize every step that goes into producing our pieces from the shepherd collecting the raw fibers, to the woman in New York City knitting the final pieces is a rarity today, but just another part of what makes these pieces so special. 

HANIA New York believes in the power of sustainability, tradition and community, which we feel is reflected in the beauty of each one-of-a-kind piece that we produce.

Because there are only very limited quantities of this yarn, this collection is currently only available directly from HANIA New York. Please contact us at for more information.