We’ve been told for years that imitation is the highest form of flattery. Consider us supremely “flattered”. 

We would like to take this moment to draw attention to what sets us apart from those who “borrow” our aesthetic.

At HANIA New York, we have made a commitment to tell our whole story because who we are and what we believe can’t be untangled from what we make.  Our story is also important because it is part of our commitment to you and ourselves.

What you wear will always be authentic, made from sourcing of the finest sustainable materials. At HANIA, you can always expect the kind of personalized service and relationship that makes every purchase an experience.

Authenticity is a byproduct of the people, the relationships, and the creative process we find so essential to everything we put forth. Anya, the founder and creator of HANIA New York, creates and leads the company guided by her inspiring history and story. Her focus, our focus, is an unwavering commitment to our network of local knitters as well as to our community. We believe that the tradition of hand-knitting that has been passed down through the years from knitter to knitter, is something to be treasured and to be worn with pride. That commitment can’t be replicated.

Our use of the finest yarns from the world's finest mills, coupled with the time-honored art of hand-knitting, is reflected in each and every piece we create. Our commitment to producing sustainable, quality products that can be passed down from generation to generation, is as strong as ever. We proudly donate 5% of our gross profits from online sales to the Debra of America Foundation, to help raise awareness and find a cure for Epidermolysis Bullosa - "EB," and Let's Get Ready, an organization that helps children from low-income communities get through college and gain a stable career. Knowing that what we make is part of all of our life stories is something that can’t be copied. 

These efforts make possible our ongoing commitment to a circular design-model and a zero-waste future. The HANIA's “REPURPOSED" Program allows you to return any HANIA hand knit style you no longer want, in exchange for a 15% discount on your next purchase. We then unravel and repurpose the yarn to make hand knit hats to be donated to children's cancer charities across NYC.     

When you purchase an Authentic HANIA item, your investment in us is in turn an investment in original and sustainable craftsmanship, community engagement, and a commitment to high-impact customer service so many others talk about, but rarely deliver.

When it comes to what you wear and our values, we don't believe in compromises or imitation. You deserve HANIA New York originals for what they declare to the world: style and comfort can never be compromised. 

We are eternally grateful for your continued support.


Anya & Team Hania